Andrew & Amanda Engaged | Sacramento California Wedding Photographer

Meet Andrew, Amanda & Amanda’s gorgeous daughter, Hailey! One of the things I loved most about their story was Hailey’s nickname for Andrew! “Pandy!” How cute is that!? :) I think it is the absolute sweetest thing ever! And now they are getting MARRIED! Yay! These two are absolutely amazing! When you see them interact you just know, not only are they head over heels in love but they are best friends too. When Amanda’s sister contacted me and told me that Amanda wanted me to be her wedding photographer I couldn’t have been more thrilled. She is one of those girls you just can not help but love! They all three came to my studio for their wedding consultation and I think we all knew right away it was going to be a good match for everyone! I had so much fun with them during their engagement session and I am so excited about their big day!

Love, love, love!

I love the shots with the blanket. They were having so much fun with it! :)

I really don’t think Andrew and Amanda could be any cuter! <3

When the sun started to set I had them sitting here for probably a good ten minutes just waiting for the perfect light. I love these photos because they stared into each others eyes and kissed the whole time. It was like I wasn’t even there and I love that! :)

Such a cute family!! xo

I am absolutely in love with the Save the date photos from this session but I always like to keep those a secret so it is a surprise when they are sent out!! ;) I will add them to the post as soon as I know they have all been received! Stay tuned because you aren’t going to want to miss seeing the adorableness of these Save The Dates! They are so fun!

Congratulations Andrew, Amanda & Hailey! I can’t wait for your big day!

xo ~ Tanya

January 22, 2013 - 3:19 AM

kati - These are beautful!! You are Amazing at what you do!!

January 26, 2013 - 10:59 PM

tanyatherien - Awww thank you :)

February 13, 2013 - 8:36 PM

Life with Kaishon - This family is stunning. WOW! I love your very colorful and bright shots. So pretty. I hope they have a lifetime of happiness together.

Visiting from ReStart. Your website is lovely. So nice to meet you tonight.

February 13, 2013 - 8:56 PM

tanyatherien - Awww thank you so so much! <3 xo

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