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I am so incredibly excited and proud to show off my new client packages! It’s a project I have been working on for about a month or so and Im so excited to finally have it completed! When I first started to brainstorm ideas for these new client boxes there were a couple of things I had to keep in mind.  #1 I wanted to incorporate my branding colors (teal, grey and yellow).  #2 I am a firm believer in less is more. I knew whatever I went with had to be clean and incorporate my branding colors.  Another thing I knew I wanted to incorporate was butterflies! I have always loved butterflies and remember drawing them all over my binders and folders in school. I use to doodle and draw all sorts of things but always found myself coming back and perfecting the sketch of the butterfly! :) Once I figured out an idea in my head of what I wanted these boxes to look like then came the packaging! This, for me, was dangerous but also so FUN! These are the client packages that I will now send out for all my digital collections. Included in each package are the files clients have ordered on a custom CD with custom CD case, a 5×7 thank you card with a handwritten note on the other side of what’s shown, a little thank you goody bag from me (these will change form client to client as to make each goodie bag personalized) and I also include a little tin of heart shaped sweet treats!

Another thing I like to include is fun little stamps and quotes! Im love quotes! My favorite stamp is the “BELIEVE” stamp! The Believe stamp is stamped on almost all my client packages because it is the one word I say to myself on a daily basis! The word BELIEVE a huge part of my branding because it is the one word that has helped be get to where I am today in my business and my personal life! It is a very powerful and meaningful word to me so I will almost always include it somewhere on my packaging like in the picture on the right, below.

After lots of practice boxes THIS is what I came up with!

Here are is an example of how I may switch them up just a tad to personalize the client box! In the image on the right i added the yellow suckers because the two little kiddos I photographed for this session loved the color yellow and loved lollipops! I couldn’t resist not adding them in there. And I also added dove mint chocolates instead of the colored heart candies because Mom mentioned that they were her favorite. These are the little things that may change client to client to make it a little more personal! ;)

Sacramento Photographer

When I found these little heart candies I just loved the little extra pop of color they added!

Sacramento Photographer

Each thank you card has a hand written note on the back :)

Sacramento Photographer

Each little goodie bag is personalized and will vary from client to client. Nothing big, just a sweet gesture from me to them.Sacramento Photographer

Included in this particular good bag is a little frame I picked up at Michaels (which happened to match my colors PERFECTLY!) with a photo from their session and a magnet with my business information for them to hopefully place on their fridge.  And THIS is where I incorporated my butterfly!  Luckily, I found my exact branding colors on card stock and I was able to find a butterfly punch out in the scrapbooking session! How perfect it that!? I am so excited to personalize each client goodie bag!Sacramento Photographer

Each box is closed and then sealed with my my address return sticker that I designed in Photoshop! Sacramento Photographer

I found this stamp at Hobby Lobby and it was the perfect finalizing touch for my packaging!

Sacramento Photographer

Finally, below is just one of my boxes of packaging goodie! This is exactly why it is dangerous for me to do crafty things! I will end up having boxes and boxes of cute supplies!

Sacramento Photographer

For all you photographers out there who are looking to do a similar care packages for your clients I listed out exactly where I found all my packaging supplies and goodies this far!

Circle Tins:
Goodie Bags:
Printable DVDs & Cases: Fry’s
Box Filling: Staples 
Stamps, ink pads and yarn: Hobby Lobby

January 18, 2013 - 12:12 PM

CrystalBelle - Lovely!
Can you tell me where you ordered your return address sticker?

January 19, 2013 - 6:03 AM

tanyatherien - Absolutely! Crystal, I designed the sticker first I’m photoshop and then ordered them through WHCC – White House Custom Color :)

January 21, 2013 - 8:30 PM

Porcha Key - So random but I am also from Roseville but I currently live in Atlanta!!! Can you post a direct link to the boxes. I can not find them! Thank you! LOVE your packaging!

January 21, 2013 - 8:47 PM

tanyatherien - That’s awesome! Thank you! Let me know if this link works!

April 17, 2013 - 12:03 PM

Julie - Love this packaging, where did you order your magnets from?

April 18, 2013 - 7:42 AM

tanyatherien - Hi Julie! Thank you so much! I actually got them at Hobby Lobby but I believe you can get them at target also! Hope that helps :)

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