Meadow Vista Engagement Photos | Seth + Kinsay

I absolutely adore this couple. They are so sweet and fun and might I add, absolutely perfect for each other! One of the things I love hearing at my first meet up with new clients is their proposal story! Their are so many different ways to ask your loved one to spend the rest of your lives together. When Seth told me how he proposed to Kinsay I literally got goosebumps. After doing their engagement session I asked Kinsay if she would share the proposal on the my blog and she yes! You guys are in for a treat! Ladies be prepared to get those goosebumps and guys, take notes! ;)

“Well I was definitely in for a surprise on the day of my proposal.  I thought we were going on a hike….though I did find it a bit odd that we were going to have to leave at 4:30 in the morning.  But Seth told me our hike was 3 hours away and he was able to convince me.  But it turned out to be something completely different and one of our bucket list items.  A hot air balloon ride!! Bright and early in the morning!  During our absolutely lovely ride, Seth started reaching in his backpack.  I thought a proposal could be a possibility but I didn’t want to expect it.  Right as the sun was rising, Seth handed me a gift wrapped in scrappy green paper. I knew that a ring would not be in there. As he handed it to me, he told me to shake it and I instantly knew what it was.  It was a snow globe. The significance of that?  I had had a horrible dream that he had proposed to me and my ring was a snow globe!! I was so embarrassed in my dream. Anyway, in the real snow globe I held in my hand, was a little hand written piece of paper that said, “Will you marry me?”   Then Seth got down on one knee and asked me if I would be his wife. And of course I told him “Yes” =) It was very romantic and Seth is an absolute sweetheart.” ~ Kinsay

Loved all the personal items Seth and Kinsay brought along with them to their session. So Creative!

This is my favorite because Seth proposed to Kinsay on a hot air balloon!

Even the clock was set to the time of their actually wedding ceremony! LOVE!

Meet Chicken! Seth and Kinsay’s pet ferret! Yes, FERRET! And he’s wearing a tuxedo! When Kinsay told me she had a ferret named Chicken I knew I needed to be her friend! Seriously how awesome is he!?

At this point I was chest deep in Combie lake! Had to get this reflection shot and was willing to do whatever it took! LOVE it!

Told ya! Haha ;)

Tanya Therien Surjan

Seth works as a Firefighter so I was absolutely loving this!

I had to get a tad dirty to catch this next photo but since I was already wet I figured why not!?! Totally worth it! LOVE <3

I love my job! :)

July 9, 2013 - 1:56 PM

katie - These are Amazing!! Love !! Outdid yourself this time !!

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