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Why Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer??

One of the things I hear from woman who are married now a days is, “I really wish I would have paid a professional Photographer to photograph my wedding.” In fact, I hear it ALL the time! What inspired me to write this blog post was a girlfriend of mine. Her father just passed away and she recently she said to me, “I really wish I had a good photo of my daddy and I on my wedding day. I wish I would have realized then how important my wedding photos would be to me now.” Now 8 years later she would give anything to have one of those special moment shots of her and her daddy on her big day! It honestly broke my heart. I will be the first one to say that weddings can get pretty pricey, especially with today’s economy. So if you’re engaged, it’s very likely that you’re looking for any ways to save money when planning your wedding day. It’s also very likely most brides will immediately think to cut price by cutting out a professional photographer and instead will have a friend photographer there wedding at a fraction of the cost. But is this a good idea? Here are a few of the reasons why I believe that you should leave your wedding photography to a professional.

The top 5 reason why I think you should hire a Professional Photographer:

#1 – Experience: During your wedding day, many of the most important moments will only happen once – like the exchange of the rings, the first kiss, the first dance… and the list goes on. There is no re-do when it comes to your wedding day. One of the main benefits you receive by hiring a professional wedding photographer is having their photography experience behind you to make sure that you will receive each and every special moment that happens on your big day. If the photographer you hire is anything like me, he/she will never miss the shot and each image will tell a story. You want to rest assured that no matter the circumstance your photographer won’t miss a shot. These are not events that will happen again, or get replayed, so it is important to have a photographer there you can trust to document the shot – on the first try so you can enjoy your big day with one less thing to worry about.

#2 – Knows Exactly Where to be and When: There are tons of photographs to make during the course of a 6-10 hour wedding day, with some being more important than others. A professional wedding photographer will know all the important shots to take (rather than having to look at a list) and where to be during the course of your wedding day to make sure each moment is documented. Hiring a professional will ensure that every single special moment will be photographed. Again, making it so you can enjoy your big day rest assured that your photographer won’t miss a thing.

#3 – Lighting Skills: Advanced lighting skills are critically important to good wedding photographs. That’s because many of the venues where couples get ready or hold their receptions are very dimly lit, often times to create a special atmosphere. A professional will have the skills to shoot in even the darkest of light, where an amateur may struggle to get even somewhat clear images in these situations. Also, a professional wedding photographer often will have the skills to use “remote control” lighting where the light is coming off-axis from the camera, producing three-dimensional type photos. On the other hand, an amateur or friend would be confined to using harsh, straight on flash that creates an unflattering, photo-copy type look. When it comes to your wedding photography, or any photography for that matter, lighting is key! Hiring a professional will allow you to have your wedding in any location in any type of lighting and stay rest assured you are still getting nicely lit portraits.

#4 – Having a 2nd Shooter: Most people today do not understand the importance of having not only one but two professionals covering your wedding day. You want to be sure to capture your event from from all angels ensuring you do not miss a single moment of your big day. For example: When the bride is walking down the isle. If you only have one photographer who’s immediate reaction will they photgraph? The Bride or Groom? When you have a second shooter at your wedding this is something you do not need to worry about. You can be sure that all angels will be covered and not a single moment will go uncaptured. There are so many advantages to having a photographer who has a 2nd shooter. What if your friends camera fails? Can you be sure they have a back up camera? A professional will always have backup equipment in addition to their 2nd shooter.

#5– Post Processing and Editing Skills: After a wedding, it is a very common practice for a photographer to come home with several thousand images to import, sort, edit and then export. It takes a significant amount of time to do this, and a professional wedding photographer has a process for dealing with this many images at one time. Also, the professional wedding photographer is skilled in editing, and can make photos look their best in the digital darkroom from RAW image data. Hiring a professional will also ensure all your wedding files are backed up in multiple locations so your wedding memories are safe and sound. How much do your wedding photos mean to you?

I could honestly make this list sooo much longer but what it all comes down to is, how important wedding photos are to you… It breaks my heart when I hear someone say, “I wish I had a photo with ______ on my wedding day” or “I wish I would have…etc…” Make sure you have no regrets in regards to your big day. Your wedding day will come and and it will go. Make sure your memories are captured and archived by a professional so you can share it with your Grandchildren 20 years from now. You won’t regret it! :)

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